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  1. Provision of Printing and Publishing services: (TNCG/P/01/2017-2018/2019)
  2. Provision of Printing of Accounting documents: (TNCG/P/02/2017-2018/2019)
  3. Installation and Maintenance of Street Lighting: (TNCG/P/03/2017-2018/2019)
  4. Repair and Maintenance of office furniture: (TNCG/P/04/2017-2018/2019)
  5. Provision of Air ticketing Services: (TNCG/P/05/2017-2018/2019)
  6. Provision of Fumigation and Pest Control Services: (TNCG/P/06/2017-2018/2019)
  7. Provision of Branding Services, Printing of T-shirts, caps, banners: (TNCG/P/07/2017-2018/2019)
  8. Provision of Exhaustion services (for septic tanks and Pit latrines): (TNCG/P/08/2017-2018/2019)
  9. Repair and Servicing of Computers, Printers and Photocopiers’: (TNCG/P/09/2017-2018/2019)
  10. Provision of Road Marking and signage: (TNCG/P/10/2017-2018/2019)
  11. Provision of Videography and Photography and other related services: (TNCG/P/11/2017-2018/2019)
  12. Provision of Catering services, hire of tents/chairs/public address systems, event organizers, promotion, marketing: (TNCG/P/12/2017-2018/2019)
  13. Provision of security and Guarding services: (TNCG/P/13/2017-2018/2019)
  14. Provision of ICT services (WAN,LAN Internet & Intercom connection services(TNCG/P/14/2017-2018/2019)
  15. Provision of legal services: (TNCG/P/15/2017-2018/2019)
  16. Provision of Valuation services: (TNCG/P/16/2017-2018/2019)
  17. Provision of Landscaping/Beautification services and litter bins: (TNCG/P/17/2017-2018/2019)
  18. Provision of sanitary services including Bins: (TNCG/P/18/2017-2018/2019)
  19. Servicing and Maintenance of Firefighting Equipment’s: (TNCG/P/19/2017-2018/2019)
  20. Provision of human resource consultancy services: (TNCG/P/21/2017-2018/2019)
  21. Provision of General Insurance Services: (TNCG/P/22/2017-2018/2019)
  22. Provision of Hire of Equipment’s’ (Graders, Crawlers Tractors, Dozers etc.): (TNCG/P/23/2017-2018/2019)
  23. Provision of Architectural and Interior Design Services: (TNCG/P/24/2017-2018/2019
  24. Supply of dress and non-pharmaceuticals:(TNCG/P/26/2017/2018-2019)
  25. Supply of X ray and dental materials: (TNCG/P/27/2017/2018-2019)
  26. Provision of medical and industrial gases: (TNCG/P/28/2017/2018-2019)
  27. Provision of medical equipment’s and surgical instruments: (TNCG/P/29/2017-2018/2019)
  28. Provision of lab reagents and morgue chemicals: (TNCG/P/30/2017-2018/2019)
  29. Provision of perishable and non-perishable food stuff: (TNCG/P/31/2017-2018/2019)
  30. Provision of Car Track and Fleet Management: (TNCG/P/32/2017-2018/2019)
  31. Provision of car hire services: (TNCG/P/33/2017-2018/2019)
  32. Supply of refined fuels and lubricants with electronic fuel card facilities: (TNCG/P/34/2017-2018/2019)
  33. Provision of tires, tubes for vehicles and motor cyles: (TNCG/P/35/2017-2018/2019)
  34. Supply and delivery of newspapers and periodicals: (TNCG/P/36/2017-2018/2019)
  35. Provision of auctioneer and disposal services: (TNCG/P/37/2017-2018/2019)
  36. Provision of cleaning materials: (TNCG/P/38/2017-2018/2019)
  37. Provision of hospital linens: (TNCG/P/39/2017-2018/2019)
  38. Provision of geological survey and design of dams: (TNCG/P/40/2017-2018/2019)
  39. Provision of training and capacity building services: (TNCG/P/41/2017-2018/2019)
  40. Repair and maintenance of government vehicles: (TNCG/P/42/2017-2018/2019)
  41. Consultancy on employee: (TNCG/P/43/2017-2018/2019)