1. Education, Youth, Gender, Culture and Social Services

• Introduction of the county Bursary Funds worth 30M which was passed in the county assembly and distributed to needy children in the county.
• Ksh 30 Million revolving Fund Bill for Women, Youth and People living with Disabilities which is on the floor of our county Assembly for approval. This fund will go a long way in uplifting lives of Women, Youth & People living with disabilities within the entire County.
• Distribution of cheques worth Shs 50 Million for development of Infrastructure in our learning institutions. This money has been piped to ninety four primary and secondary schools, eight polytechnics, an ICT Centre and a Community Library.
• We have set aside a monthly kitty of Shs10, 000 for every public primary school with ECDE classes to facilitate their day to day activities.
• The county will automatically absorb 40 Polytechnic instructors that had been employed by the national government on contract under the Economic Stimulus Programme (ESP) that has since expired from last year.
• Adult education centers have also been focused on where books worth Shs. 1.2 M were distributed to 18 centers.
• Introduction of volleyball and football tournament from the governor’s cup where county teams were identified. The teams participated in the Aberdare regional and the National Inter-county competition where our women volleyball team emerged the best.


2. Trade, Industry and Co-Operative Development

  • We have undertaken rehabilitation of 17 markets that have already been completed with the markets upgraded with modern toilets and sheds. Rehabilitation of 40 more is ongoing and set for completion in the next six months.
  • We are currently waiting for our County Assembly to pass legislations for disbursement of trade loans worth Shs 20 M to various applicants. This is a revolving loan introduced to assist traders in our county.
  • Last year Ksh. 9.8 Million was issued to 118 local Traders
  • Our Partnership with East African Breweries Limited has been very beneficial where the company waived the excess duty on sorghum. Our farmers have been motivated to grow the commodity and it’s being estimated that we have increased production by about 60% this season.
  • The establishment of weighing scales for livestock and market produce to determine the weights of commodities at sale point. This will ensure that farmers, sellers and buyers get good value for what they sell and buy.
  • Currently the county has a record 90 registered cooperatives which include the entry of Tharaka Nithi County Workers Union where all county workers have been encouraged to join.
  • We have introduced Tharaka Nithi Alcohol Bill that has already been passed by the County Assembly while the Tharaka Nithi Investment and Development Corporation bill as well as the Cereals Development bill are on the floor of the house.

3. Tourism, Water, Environment and Natural Resources

  • Opening of Ura gate earlier this year which has seen tourists start visiting our county and use the gate to access the national park. We are currently developing a marketing strategy for the gate to sensitize the public on the gate. Branding of our tourism sites has already been completed.
  • Renovation of Mt Kenya Kinondoni lodge is currently on going with a Sh 3M worth Tender already assigned a contractor.
  • Construction of Chiakariga cultural centre as the main county tourism market has begun with the contractor on site.
  • We have completed survey and designs of four major rivers that are going to transform the livelihoods of our people which will provide water for an irrigation project we are launching this year.
  • Several community water projects are benefiting from 134 million which the county government has funded and sourced from donor countries with over 50 set for commencement this financial year.
  • On environment and natural resource, there was a launch of tree planting event on 12thNov 2014 for the drive to plant 6 million seedlings. The theme is “plant your age to restore our forest cover”.
  • We introduced the school greening programme where 40 water tanks and 40 tonnes of tree seedlings were distributed to primary and secondary schools. The aim is to have 3.5 Million seedlings ready for planting in October this year.

4. Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Department

  • The county is starting an Agricultural training programme in Muumbuni at a cost of 30 Million with the contract already awarded.
  • The county is on the final stages of finalizing procedure to jointly implementing a dairy project with technical support from Afimilk Company from Israel at cost of Kshs 350 Million which begins later this month.
  • We have also partnered with international fertilizers Development Company and ASDSP in promoting local chicken.
  • The county is working with Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS)for sensitization of farmers on mango farming in preparation for exporting of our mangoes.
  • We are constructing cereals storage facility at Mukothima and Marimanti at a cost of 1Million each as we support of the existing Kajuki cereal store which is set for renovation.
  • We have Commenced Banana culture programme where we are working with over 400 farmers for value addition and clustered regions in reference to the products that does well in varying climatic zones.
  • We are currently in the process of registering Umbrella unions for farmers to enhance efficiency in outreach services to our farmers.
  • The county has also partnered with the National government in distribution of over 220,000 bags of fertilizer with the distribution points stationed at Mitheru and Mukuuni cereal stores.
  • The Fisheries department was able to distribute over 1000 fingerings of trout fish in the county to fast track fish farming.
  • Sampling  of 34 fish ponds, restocking of 230 fish ponds which has led to fish harvesting of 26,883 Kg valued at Ksh 10.7m which is an economic boost.
  • Rabbit Keeping is being introduced in Mariani and lower Mwimbi and Muthambi, while bee keeping and dairy goats in Tharaka North and South

5. Health Services

  • Registration of County National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF ) of the needy cases is ongoing.This involves sponsorship of 1000 households per ward which means 15,000 households throughout the county will definitely be enrolled in the scheme thus assistance trickling to an estimated over 20,000 people.
  • Marimanti and Chuka Hospitals will soon receive health equipment worth 200 Million each after I signed the Managed Equipment Service (MES) Programme 38 Billion agreement.
  • We are also constructing a pediatric ward in Chuka at a cost of  6.5M , a female ward at 6.5 M a male ward at 6.5M , completion of a maternity unit at a cost of 4.8M and a Mortuary at Marimanti Hospital at a cost of 7M.
  • We have Upgraded five dispensaries to level 4 hospitals which have received doctors and will this financial year be furnished with equipments and be renovated.
  • We launched health projects in our County with 54 ongoing health projects with most to 85% completion in all the four sub counties all at a cost of Shs 120 Million. This includes construction of health centers and various hospital facilities like wards, maternity wards, kitchens and staff quarters.
  • The government has been able to procure and supply drugs worth over 50 Million which has been distributed to all public health facilities.
  • Four ambulances which have been stationed in all the four sub counties have continued to assist our residents by responding to health emergencies in our county.

6. Urban Development, Labour and Disaster Management

  • The county government bought relief food worth 6M which was distributed from the ward level to serve areas that were facing famine last year.
  • This was also supplemented by the National Government which also released relief food earlier this year.
  • We successfully launched the construction of Kaanwa and Kathwana Market  at a cost of 35 Million.
  • The Fencing of Chuka Market after the recent demolition in Chuka town.
  • The relocation of a dumpsite in Chuka is ongoing with the procurement of land for a new one at Kathigiriri already under preparation and fencing.
  • Chuka, Chogoria and Marimanti town upgrade has already been awarded to contractors. This project will include a bus park, grading of town roads. Drainage and parking lots.

7. Physical Planning, Land, Energy and ICT

  • Local physical development plan for Kathwana Town which hosts our county headquarters is complete and all buildings have received approval from the physical planner. We are now mapping out the roads and investors are being encouraged to visit our physical planning offices for the maps.
  • 38,804 title deeds are already out set for dispatch by the President.  Demarcation is complete in Makanyanga, Mariani, Marembo, Kajuki, Kamutiria, Gatunga, Chiakariga A & B while Kathangacini, Ntoroni, Thiite, Kanjoro and Kathura set for declaration.
  • We are introducing alternative sources of energy (Solar ) to 1148 household in Tharaka benefiting with solar lantern lamps as a pilot project
  • Electrification projects have been commissioned where transformers have been put up connecting to various homes, church, markets and schools through REA.
  • We have partnered with the World Bank for an ICT Road Map project to ICT infrastructure in the county, meanwhile we have launched serious lobbying for the fibre optic cable extension to our county headquarters.
  • We have procured land in Chuka town where we are starting an ICT centre at a cost of 19 Million.