The county mining industry is under developed despite the potential. The exploration of iron ore is ongoing and this is expected to bring fortunes to the county. In the recent years, mining of iron ore has been undertaken on a small scale by prospectors. Though this has not been exploited, an iron belt exists in the county. We are forming specific and targeted partnership to seriously prospect for commercial mineral deposit. Other mineral potential is in precious stones, mercury and mica.

Quarrying & Sand Harvesting

Quarrying is an economic activity for substantial population of the county. The activities of quarrying and sand harvest will be regulated to safe guard the environment and secure tangible benefits to the ordinary people involved in the activities. With the rapid growth currently witnessed in the building industry the county government regulate the activities of quarrying and sand to make sure that they are beneficial to the individuals and county at large. Sand harvesting and quarrying will be done in sustainable manner. Alternative to quarrying like block lying and interlocking bricks making would greatly create sustainable employment. Interlocking block making using sands which is in plenty in the lower parts of the county on commercial bases has huge business potential.

  • Ultramodern medical care
  • Diseases diagnostic centres
  • Ultrasounds and scans centres
  • Emergency Services
  • Morgue services
  • Private clinics and care centers
  • Wellness centres and advisory.
  • Physiotherapy and community health services.

The county is centrally placed on the eastern region of Mt Kenya. It boost of the many beautiful hills
well placed in all parts of the county. All over the county we have a view-points bequeathed with spectacular sites of Mount Kenya, deep canyons and waterfalls of rivers flowing to lower east. The county offers the only viable route option to the top of Mount Kenya on the wet wind ward side through thick bamboo forest with rare buffaloes and elephants among other wildlife. This route has been upgraded to enable tourists access the mountain peaks with ease bringing a lot of economic benefits. The number of wildlife in the county is estimated to be 300 buffalos, 500 elephants, 200 wild leopards, 700 monkeys and 100 hyenas are found in Mt. Kenya and other small forests in the county

The bitumen upgrade of Ena route to Meru National park opens up the whole of Tharaka region bringing to the region both local and foreign tourists. The envisaged development grand Mutonga falls 20-square kilometers dam create a big boost to tourism.

The county also has a home of cultural sites and artifacts like the Kigairo and Igamba ngombe or the Meru people points of dispersal. We do have other significant hills forests, rocks and rivers, pools with a lot of spiritual reverence. These are well mapped up and are good sites for cultural villages, film makers and tourist destinations. We are landscape and replant our hills and create sceneries for local and international tourists too. New tourism products of cultural tourism, agro-tourism, and community based tourism /home stays are being promoted to earn the county and community some revenue. The communities sensitization on the need to promote sustainable tourism and more so how to create tourist attraction are ongoing.

Talented and craftsmen have been organized to produce quality souvenirs products and gifts for sales. This is besides cultural performances folklores, dances, dirges, poetry and songs; various troupes have been running modern theatre.

There is great potential for investors in accommodation facilities in the county either through partnerships. Maintenance of roads and security to and in tourist attractions is ensured. The options in building 4 or 5 star tourist facilities within the county are open to investors while opportunities in opening golf courses and high altitude training camps on the slopes of Mt. Kenya are available. There is abundant land for forest- games training camps, spiritual retreats camps to double as an income generating project as well as training facility. Local cooperative societies are encouraged to invest in the hotel to boost agro-cultural tourism. The county will also forge essential partnerships and mount many tourism promotion events to support investors in tourism sector. Other areas of investments are:

  • Hotels, cottages & luxury homes
  • Mountain climbing and tours
  • Camping and events
  • Scuba diving
  • Film Productions
  • Modern Theatre
  • Board walks (750Mts) and A Tree House at Gaketha Catchment area with the largest elephant maternity
  • Gikwa waterfalls ecosystem- Construction of an Eco-lodge with 30 Beds
  • High altitude Golf Course and Eco- lodge at Chuka Forest 2900MASL

  • Communication networks infrastructure and services
  • Computer assembly, hardware and software services
  • ICT parks
  • GPRS & general mapping
  • Solar farms
  • Micro hydro-power stations
  • Bio-gas industry
  • Solar energy
  • Digital villages

  • Fertilizer manufacture
  • Plastic manufacture
  • Large agro-chem stores
  • Ranching
  • Honey export
  • Herbs & medicines
  • Private universities
  • Universities college accommodation
  • Innovation center
  • Technical training colleges
  • ICT colleges
  • Sports facilities
  • High altitude sports training Camps
  • Talent center
  • Cultural museums
  • Events & excitement parks
  • Bio-waste re-cycling
  • Shopping malls
  • Animal feeds making
  • Milk products value addition
  • Goat milk processing
  • Hide and skins tannery
  • Ranching
  • Meat processing
  • Bones and horns products
  • Coffee processing and marketing
  • Tea processing
  • Fortified flours milling
  • Ndegu processing
  • Peas processing
  • Roots crops processing
  • Horticultural exports